2011 Child Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) New Community Training

This training was intended to provide new cooperative agreement sites with:

  • Lessons from successful system of care communities on the application of core system of care values and principles, and on strategies for effective implementation.
  • Practical experiences on how to operationalize the three most challenging system of care core values: family driven, youth guided, cultural and linguistic competence.
  • Information about the leadership roles of key personnel in systems of care, including how to support system of care planning, development, and implementation.
  • Opportunities to meet and network with Child, Adolescent and Family Branch project officers and administrators, technical assistance staff, consultants, and peers from other communities.
  • Opportunities to convene with participating members of their community teams to plan together and to identify suitable implementation strategies.

View the training agenda (PDF).

Participants at this training received CDs of related materials, including sample documents developed and used by other system of care communities as well as Community Exemplar documents that describe outstanding work being done by current system of care communities in a variety of topic areas. These materials are available in the Systems of Care Catalog.


How to Apply Core Values in Systems of Care: Family Driven, Youth Guided, Cultural and Linguistic Competence (PDF)

Cox, M., Cross, T., Jimerson, D., Lopez, L., Perez, A., & Williams, S.

Successful Strategic Planning and Governance Process - Community Examples (PDF)

Lopez, L., & Strahl, B.

Beginning with the End in Mind: Early Steps Toward Sustaining the Systems of Care You Build (PDF)

Rider, F.