Past Conferences & Meetings

Click on the titles to view presentation slides and handouts from national conferences and meetings sponsored by the Technical Assistance Partnership and other related organizations.

2010 Juvenile Justice Symposium
Meeting the Needs of Youth Involved with the Juvenile Justice System within Systems of Care

March 24–25, 2010
Washington, DC

2010 Child Mental Health Initiative New Community Training
February 8–11, 2010
Washington, DC

Summer 2009 National System of Care Community Training
Assembling the Pieces: Strategies for Implementing and Sustaining Systems of Care
July 29–31, 2009
Anaheim, California

Summer 2007 National System of Care Community Meeting
Enhancing Resiliency and Healing: Trauma-Informed Services and Supports

August 1–3, 2007
New Orleans, Louisiana

Winter 2007 National System of Care Community Meeting
Collaboration, Connections, and Creativity: The 3 Cs for Sustaining Systems of Care

January 30–February 1, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia