Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health

Primary Care

A primary care provider is a health care provider who is the first contact with the health care system, before any referrals are made. The primary care provider also oversees the continued health care of the patient over time. Primary care focuses on the general health of all types of patients. These Web pages include information on general health for children and their families, and provide resources, events, funding opportunities, useful Web sites, and frequently asked questions about primary care.

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Featured Resources

Report Cover Financing Systems of Care: Medicaid and State Children's Mental Health Insurance Programs (PDF)

Technical Assistance Partnership (2004)

The Technical Assistance Partnership presented a six-part Web broadcast on financing systems of care. It included discussions on the roles of Medicaid, the State Children's Mental Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant/Title V of the Social Security Act. This document describes each of the six presentations and provides information about how to access and view the presentations.

Primary Care and Social Media

Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians (2012)

Provides a handbook that simplifies and explains the usefulness of social media, including the “Big Three”: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.