Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health

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About the Organizational Development and Implementation Content Specialist:

Photo: Bruce Strahl

Bruce Strahl currently serves as the Organizational Development and Implementation Content Specialist for the Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health. He supports system of care grantee communities funded by the Center for Mental Health Services in the areas of governance development, strategic planning, sustainability planning and organization, and board development for family organizations. In this role, he can connect communities with TA tools and processes that will assist them in implementing their governance structure, strategic planning process, sustainability planning process, and family organization development.

Background and Experience:

Bruce has served as both a Peer Mentor and Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator (RTAC) for the TA Partnership. As an RTAC, he has provided guidance regarding governance to more than a dozen system of care communities. He has a business background of 22 years in corporate America and 17 years in the social service arena. In the field of business, Mr. Strahl served as president of a consulting firm conducting training for Fortune 1000 companies and designing strategic and collaborative planning for 10 years. During this time he worked with over 100 organizations in 27 states and 5 countries. In business, Mr. Strahl also served as a vice president of marketing, vice president of commercial sales development, and director of training for three major U.S. banks. In these positions, he was responsible for organizational development, managing change, and designing and implementing planning and training systems for the banks’ state-wide and regional networks for sales delivery and communications. Mr. Strahl led the planning and implementation of the employee and customer communications for a national bank’s largest merger. Mr. Strahl is a member of the National Wraparound Initiative, is a father of two boys, and serves on a team of volunteers at his church who feed and clothe the homeless.

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