Mental Health Resources

Access resources on the mental health system and those served by the system, links for more information from related mental health organizations, and answers to frequently asked questions about the mental health system.

  • Publications
    Research, reports, issue briefs, and fact sheets on the mental health system and children, youth, and families with mental health challenges.
  • Useful Web Sites
    Access organizations, resource centers, and clearinghouses with additional information about mental health.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Brief answers to questions often raised by system of care communities in understanding mental health challenges, screening, and treatment and how the mental health system is financed.
  • Presentations
    Presentations on improving mental health services for children in the system.

What's New Kids

Provides age-appropriate factsheets, videos, and games that help children understand what bullying is, how they can respond if they are bullied, and what they can do to prevent bullying in their school and community.

Gang Violence Cause of High Levels of Mental Disorders

BBC (2013)

Summarizes a study of young men in gangs in the United Kingdom showing a significant relationship between gang membership and mental disorders.

CDC Mental Health Surveillance Among Children – United States, 2005‒2011

Supplements (2013)

Provides estimates of the prevalence of mental health disorders among children in the United States obtained through ongoing Federal surveillance systems. According to the report, 13 percent–20 percent of children experience a mental health disorder in a given year.

Child Development, Trauma and the Brain: The DYFS Mental Health Screening Program

New Jersey Child Welfare Training Academy

This training program can help case workers learn about the impact of trauma and identify children in the child welfare system who may have mental health needs.