Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health

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Nadia Cayce-Gibson

Photo: Nadia Cayce

I began this journey with systems of care due to my own family's needs. Interestingly enough, those challenges developed into such gifts! Not only did my family come to learn the meaning of perseverance and resiliency but I, as an individual, dedicated my career to advancing system transformation through supporting system of care development, implementation, and sustainability. All of us who play a role, however big or small, have accepted a grand task. Just remember that your presence and insight is critical, valuable, and honorable.

More About Nadia

Nadia Cayce-Gibson currently works with system of care communities across the country that are contracted with the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration. Her role is to assist in the development, implementation, and sustainability of children’s behavioral health services and supports. Raising children with behavioral health needs motivated her to dedicate her life to empowering youth and families. As a caregiver of children involved in public systems, she was presented with challenges related to service provision and cultural competence. Nadia can attest to her personal experience in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and the stigma associated with them.

Previously, she was appointed by the Governor to work within New Jersey’s Department of Human Services, in the Office of the Commissioner. She played a pivotal role in the federally mandated  child welfare reform efforts. In addition to leading public policy efforts, she ensured that all underrepresented constituent groups, such as the faith community, African Americans, and Hispanics/Latinos, and family/consumer groups were directly involved in the decision-making activities of the Department. Her other tasks included state-wide and interdivisional initiatives, organizational development, and strategic planning.

Notably, Nadia’s broad professional and personal experience has led to many prestigious honors and experiences. She has trained with renowned national system of care experts, including Sheila Pires and Mary Jo Myers, in addition to being invited to testify at state and federal Congressional hearings and advising political leaders such as Senator Hillary Clinton on issues related to children and families. Most recently, she was accepted into the Who’s Who of Executive and Professional Women and received national recognition as an appointee to the Cultural Competence Action Team. She also received a 5-year appointment to the National Expert Oversight Panel, which oversees financing strategies for systems of care across the country.

Nadia looks forward to finishing a Ph.D. in psychology and continuing to support government and non-profit entities in addressing disparities and empowering youth, families, and communities across the country.

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