Meet Your Technical Assistance Coordinator

The TA Partnership supports system of care communities around the country. Every community is assigned a Technical Assistance Coordinator (TAC) to support the planning, development, and implementation of effective systems of care. TACs provide, and help broker and facilitate, customer-focused technical assistance. TACs support each system of care community much like a care coordinator in a wraparound process supports a family. Learn more about TACs.

The TAC maintains regular contact with each community; helps to facilitate development and implementation of a coordinated TA plan to support the community’s overall strategic plan; and serves as a primary link between your community, other TA Partnership staff, the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), consultants, and other federal TA partners.

Contact the TA Coordinator assigned to your currently funded Community Mental Health Initiative for assistance in establishing and implementing your system of care. Click on a TA Coordinator's name for more information. Not sure who your TAC is? Find out by choosing your State from a list.