Early Childhood Resources

The Early Childhood population is a unique demographic that requires different approaches than those for older children. This section contains resources focused on the early childhood population, the specific issues it faces, and promising ways to address these issues. You will also find links for more information on early childhood services and supports.

What's New

Putting the Pieces Together: A Toolkit on Developing Early Childhood Systems of Care

Georgetown University Child Development Center, National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health (2011)

This toolkit is designed to help facilitate complex system-building efforts by drawing upon the experiences and expertise of communities engaged in this work.

The Big Picture Planning Guide: Building Cross-Sector Professional Development Systems in Early Childhood

The National Professional Development Center on Inclusion (2011)

Supports a cross-sector, State-level planning process that leads to a single, integrated professional development system across all early childhood sectors.

Coordinating Child Care Consultants: Combining Multiple Disciplines and Improving Quality in Infant/Toddler Care Settings

National Infant and Toddler Childcare Initiative (2010)

Provides evidence of the benefits of having a coordinated and multidisciplinary consultation system for early childhood settings. The included guided questions and examples may be helpful for states when developing a coordinated system of consultation.

Early Learning Matters Video

The First Five Years Fund (2011)

This video illustrates the value of investing in early childhood, and promotes the Fund’s Invest in US exhibit designed to bring together policymakers, business leaders, and the general public to learn the value of investing in high-quality early learning programs.

Improving Public Financing for Early Learning Programs

National Institute for Early Education Research (2011)

Examines sources and models of public financing of early care and education and makes recommendations for improving upon what currently exists to remove barriers to increasing program access and quality.

Improving the Lives of Young Children: The Role of Developmental Screenings in Medicaid and CHIP

The Urban Institute (2010)

Examines the gaps that exist in the current system of developmental screening and highlights steps States can take in order to increase participation and increase provision/receipt of well-child visits under the Medicaid/CHIP policy.